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Orbiting Scientific started business in year 2000. Our principal business is to supply innovative technologies and products to assist in the scientific research and commercialisation of products in Malaysia. As a leading scientific equipment supplier, our company provides a wide range of advance analytical instruments and laboratory supplies to various laboratories and industries throughout Malaysia. Our instruments are used for environmental, food, pharmaceutical, agriculture analysis and testing. They are also used in natural products purification, oil and gas, industrial hygiene as well as material science research.

Analytical Instruments

Scientific equipment to meet the highest standards for accuracy and reliability in the areas of environmental, food, pharmaceutical, agriculture analysis as well as natural products purification.

Oil and Gas

Offers a quality range of products for industrial hygiene and laboratories in the oil and gas sector to keep the environment safe.

Dispersion Solutions and Services

Specialises in equipment for targeted and controlled dispersing, wetting, homogenising and de-aeration to deliver consistent results at all times.

General Laboratory Supplies

A broad spectrum of top rated laboratory chemicals and products for sample preparation/ SPE, vials, GC columns, HPLC columns and spectroscopy accessories.

Business Partners

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