Laboratory Supplies & Accessories

CHNOS Analyzer Accessories

We have a huge product range – thousands of products covering organic elemental analysis and inorganic elemental analysis suitable for all the various brand and model of CHNOS Analyzer (Leco®, Thermo®, Perkin Elmer®, Sercon®, Exeter®, Eltra®, Horiba®, Elementar®, EuroVector®, Costech®, Shimadzu®, Antek®, VELP®, Gerhardt®). We are able to supply different types of Pressed Capsules, Weighing Pans, Weighing Boats, Reagents, Prepacked and Empty Glassware, O-rings, Separation columns and etc.

Pacific Image Electronics

Pacific Image Electronics is the pioneer of scanning and imaging solution provider. With strong R&D capabilities and extensive experience, PIE has extended its product development into different industrial applications and biotechnology solutions include gel documentation system, chemiluminescent imaging system, advanced bio-detection platform, and diagnostic instruments. One of the main products that we carry is GelCAP BW. It is a cost-effective, portable and versatile smartphone-based gel doc system.