Mixing, Dispersion & Process Technology

Advanced Centrifugal Mixer

Advanced centrifugal mixers have the advantage of rapid mixing and degassing of a variety of materials. It utilizes a unique propeller-less technology to produce high quality and reproducible results every time.

Advanced Centrifugal Mixer with vacuum

Advanced centrifugal mixers with vacuum have all the features of the conventional models with the added ability to remove bubbles down to the nano size. This results in mixtures that are higher in quality with much longer stability times.

Electronic Three Roll Mill

Brand: EXAKT Advanced Technologies

EXAKT’s Electronic Three Roll Mills are the gold standard of Three Roll Mill Technology. It features state-of-the-art electronic control system allowing for precision dispersing and analyzing capabilities.

Three Roll Mill

Brand: EXAKT Advanced Technologies

EXAKT’s Three Roll Mills has higher safety standards, easier operation and more precise gap adjustments compared to most conventional three roll mills in the market. With a powerful motor and a variety of roller materials, it is capable of processing a wide range of different materials.