About Us

Our company commenced business on 01 May 2000 selling mainly GC & HPLC columns and chemicals. Two years later, our company started to sell scientific instruments and successfully established the Mercury Analyzers business in Malaysia. To date, we are the authorized distributors of many renowned brands of instrument for Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia market.

We believe strongly in “scientists serving scientists” and we employed a team of science graduates to serve our customers. Our Product Specialists team assists our customers to select the best instruments and laboratory accessories for their work and our Technical Specialists team ensure good after-sales support on the instruments the customers purchased from our company.

Company Vision

A team of happy and progressive people working in harmony.

Company Mission

To provide for the material and intellectual growth of our employees and to contribute to the advancement of society and humankind.

Corporate Philosophy

We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations.

For Our Customers

  • By providing the most courteous, efficient and consistent service.
  • By being innovative through the supply of new products and services.

For Our Employees

  • By providing for their well-being with attractive remuneration and benefits.
  • By growing their capabilities through continuous training & development for career advancement.

For Our Business Partners

  • By growing together through continuous business development activities.
  • By working together with open communication, fair pricing and support.

For Our Shareholders

  • By forging ahead as a stable and progressive company.
  • By generating profits and a fair return on their investment.

For the Community We Live In

  • By being a socially responsible corporate citizen in a tangible manner.
  • By adhering to national policies and contributing towards the progress of our country.

Company Highlights

2021 Jan – Kick Off Meeting in Saujana Hotel

2020 Jan – Kick Off Meeting in Taipei, Taiwan

2019 Oct – Lab Asia Exhibition, PWTC

2019 Jul – Prekem Product Launch in KL and Penang

2019 Jan – Kick Off Meeting in Langkawi

2018 Jan – Kick Off Meeting in Penang

2017 Oct – Lab Asia Exhibition, PWTC

2017 Jan – Kick Off Meeting in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah