Automated Sample Concentration System

Brand: Horizon Technology

Horizon Technology offers a complete solution for automated drying, concentration/evaporation of sample extracts and solvent recovery for the laboratory environment. The efficient design of their systems allows maximum productivity while ensuring excellent results.

Automated SPE Disk Extraction System

Brand: Horizon Technology

Horizon Technology is a leader in automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) systems for analysis of semi/nonvolatile organic compounds. Their automated disk extraction system allows for fully automated extraction of large volume liquid samples directly from the original sample bottle.


Continuous Flow Analyzer

Continuous Flow Analyzer automates complicated colorimetric method which includes distillation or UV digestion. It employs a high precision peristaltic pump to introduce the samples and reagents into the manifold which the mixture will then reach the detector and concentration of the analytes will be calculated based on the absorbance value measured.

Direct Mercury Analyzer

Direct Mercury Analyzer provides fully automated mercury analysis and is able to provide results within 7 minutes. With direct mercury analyzer, a user does not require to perform sample digestion prior to analysis. Direct mercury analyzer is able to analyse both solid and liquid sample.


Discrete Analyzer

Smartchem Discrete Analyzer provides high throughput automation of colorimetric method. With discrete analyzer, multiple parameters can be tested on a single platform with minimum operator intervention and the operational cost will be much lower as the chemicals consumption in the discrete analyzer is in microliter.

Distillation System

Model: MicroBlock Distillation System

Brand: Environmental Express

MicroBlock systems reduced volume distillations systems simplify conventional distillation procedures. It reduces chemical waste by 90% and requires a fraction of the counter space required by conventional distillation systems. The reduced volume MicroBlock distillation systems comply with all EPA methodologies for the referenced methods and are suitable for Cyanide (EPA 335.4), Phenol (EPA 420.4) and Ammonia (EPA 350.1). MicroBlock systems use a 10-position Teflon-coated, aluminium heating block with digital temperature control, timer and built-in flow meter for cooling water. Temperature is adjustable up to 190˚C, meeting the requirements of all referenced distillation procedures. Different models are available:

  1. MicroBlock-V System is for Cyanide distillation
  2. MicroBlock-R System is for Ammonia (EPA 350.1) and Phenol (EPA 420.4)

HotBlock Digestion System

Brand: Environmental Express

HotBlock Systems provide faster, cleaner, more cost-effective metals digestions. HotBlocks are made from Teflon-coated graphite in a Kydex housing and other non-metallic materials eliminating corrosion and sample contamination. The heating mats in HotBlock provide uniform heat distribution to all samples up to 150˚C. Available as different models:

  1. 100mL HotBlock with 25 or 35 positions
  2. 50mL HotBlock with 36 or 54 positions
  3. 15mL HotBlock with 96 positions
  4. HotPlate

Reducing Vaporization Mercury Analyzer

Reducing Vaporisation Mercury Analyzer is designed to analyse mercury in all type of water samples. The model RA-4500 automates the entire method of APHA 3112B in which direct purge method is employed. Reducing vaporization mercury analyzer offers low detection limit down to 0.5ppt.

Portable Mercury Survey Meter

Portable mercury survey meter provides in-situ mercury measurement on site. Portable mercury survey meter is lightweight, compact and powered by battery.

QuEChERS Automated Sample Preparation System

Brand: Ability Tech

The SiO-6512 QuEChERS Automated Sample Preparation System is able to complete QuEChERS procedure for twelve (12) samples in less than 30 minutes. The SiO-6512 QuEChERS Automated Sample Preparation System integrates the 3D oscillation and centrifugation to achieve the extraction and clean-up function as stated in the AOAC 2007.01 and EN 15662.2008 Method. The system has been tested over a wide range of samples including celery, tomatoes, leeks, corn, green tea, soybean oil for 270 types of pesticides and it is able to achieve recovery of 70 – 120 %.

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer

Brand: OI Analytical

The Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer manufactured by OI Analytical is consists of two oxidation techniques, namely Heated Persulfate Wet Oxidation and High Temperature Catalytic Combustion Oxidation. The system processes aqueous samples for analysis of the total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC), and non-purgeable organic carbon (NPOC) content. The system supporting Standard Method APHA, USEPA-approved methods, ISO, EN, ASTM, USP Methods. Principal applications include wastewater, seawater, industrial process water, drinking water, groundwater, cooling water and etc. The system can be upgraded for the TC and TOC analysis of solid samples, measurement of Total Nitrogen (TNb) concentration.

Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) System

Brand: Prince Technologies

Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) manufactured by Prince Technologies offer high-performance separation, identification, and quantification for various type of samples. CE is one of the possible methods to analyse complex samples. The Dynamic Compression Injection (DCI) Technology provides accurate and reproducible injection volume every time.