MillionAirTM System for GC/GCMS

Analyzing VOC sampled through canister technique in accordance to EPA Methods TO-14 and TO-15.

Compatible with Any Brand of GC/GCMS.



Superior recovery for EPA Method TO-14 and TO-15 with Extended Cold Trap Dehydration, Microscale Purge & Trap and Dry Purge Water management Technique.

Gas Precision Diluter System


Prepare calibration standard gas into canisters. Perform dilution up to 10,000x.

Canister Cleaning System


Perform canister cleaning and pre-vacuum canister for re-use in sampling.

Canister, MiniCan and BottleVac Sampler

Silonite® coated canister and BottleVac, capacity from 100ml to 15L.