V&F designs and manufactures real-time multi-component gas analyzers based on ion-molecule reaction mass spectrometer (IMR-MS). Their gas analyzers are used in the fields of automotive, food, environmental and medical industries.

Air Sense

Provide real time measurement of both organic and inorganic gaseous molecules in ambient air.


For checking the quality of CO2 used in food and beverage industry according to the specifications of the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) and European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA).


Powerful tool for the automotive and catalyst researchers to study organic HC and inorganic N and S gaseous emissions in raw exhaust gas and tail pipe.


A combination of Ion-Molecular Mass Spectrophotometer (IMR-MS) and Electron Impact Mass Spectrophotometer (EI-MS) to detect all compounds in a wide range of applications.