Direct Mercury Analyzer

Model: MA-3000

Analyze solid samples directly with no acid digestion required. Fully automated direct mercury analysis for up to 100 samples.

Direct Mercury Analyzer

Model: MA-3 Solo

Direct mercury analysis without sample preparation. Ideal system for laboratory with low sample workload.

Reducing Vaporization Mercury Analyzer

Model: RA-4500

Analyze all type of water samples automatically according to the entire APHA 3112B method.  Low detection limit down to 0.5ppt.

Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy (CVAFS) – Gold Amalgamation – Reducing Vaporization Mercury Analyzer

Model: RA-4300 FG+

Perform ultra-trace level mercury measurement according to EPA 1631E method. Ultra low detection limit of 0.05 ppt of mercury.

Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Mercury Analyzer

Model: RA-5A

Perform mercury analysis for all type of pre-digested liquid and water samples.

Mercury Analyzer for Hydrocarbon

Model: PE1000

Perform mercury analysis for all type of hydrocarbon. Fully comply to UOP 938-10 method.

Gas Phase Mercury Analyzer

Model: WA5

Dual gold-amalgamation system to analyze mercury in gas samples.

Portable Mercury Survey Meter

Model: EMP3

Perform in-situ measurement of mercury in ambient air. Compact and light weight (1.8Kg)