Since established in 1978, Nippon Instruments Corporation specialized in mercury analyzers for various applications to measure the mercury content in various sample matrices. They are committed to making a contribution to customers through mercury measurements.


Analyze solid samples directly with no acid digestion required. Fully automated for up to 100 samples.

MA-3 Solo

Direct mercury analysis without sample preparation. Ideal system for laboratory with low sample workload.


Analyze all type of water samples automatically according to the entire APHA 3112B method. Low detection limit down to 0.5ppt.

RA-4300 FG+

Perform ultra-trace level mercury measurement according to EPA 1631E method. Ultra low detection limit of 0.05ppt of mercury.


Perform mercury analysis for all type of pre-digested liquid and water samples.


Perform mercury analysis for all type of hydrocarbon. Fully comply to UOP 938-10 method.


Dual gold-amalgamation system to analyze mercury in gas samples.


Perform in-situ measurement of mercury in ambient air. Compact and light weight (1.8Kg)