Micro Ball Mill


High-throughput homogenizer for samples in small volume. Wide range of grinding jar materials, adaptors and accessories are available.

Mortar Grinder


Automated mortar grinder for reproducible sample grinding. Wide range of mortar and pestle materials is available to meet different application needs.

Planetary Ball Mill

BM40 / BM6Pro

Used for highest degree of fineness such as nanoparticles and colloidal grinding.

BM6 Pro is a single-position mill.

BM40 accommodates 1, 2 or 4 grinding jars.

Ultra Centrifugal Mill


FM200 applies two-stage crushing to ensure efficient grinding result.FM200 is suitable for soft, hard, brittle or fibrous samples.

Automatic feed device and a cyclone separator are available for large sample throughput.

Knife Mill

HM300 / HM100

Professional homogenizer equipped with industrial grade motor.

HM100 process up to 700ml of sample.

HM300 process up to 4L of sample.

Twister Mill


Suitable for sample preparation use in NIR spectroscopy, determination of Kjeldahl nitrogen, fiber, etc.

TW100 allows sample grinding, sieving and collection happen in one step and perform self-cleaning of grinding chamber.

Cutting Mills

CM100 / CM200

Perform cutting type, cross beater type, and rotor beater type function in one machine with easy change of accessories.

Suitable for various soft, tough, fibrous and hard dry samples.


Description: CM50 is a compact and portable cutting mill perfectly process regular or irregular samples

Jaw Crusher

JC5 / JC6

Process medium-hard, hard, brittle and tough sample.

JC6 is compact bench top design, can achieve high final fineness of D90 > 0.5mm for geographical samples.

JC5 is floor standing model for high throughput.


JC 7 is the highest efficiency jaw crusher available in the market grinding sample from 110mm down to 2mm in one step at a very short time

Disc Mill


Process sample for XRD and XRF spectral analysis.

VM3 is suitable for fast and fine grinding of medium hard, hard or brittle sample in dry condition, without loss.

Disc Mill


Pre-grinding and fine grinding of medium hard, hard and brittle solid materials. Process samples into 100µm.


Dedicated for fine grinding of medium-to-hard and brittle samples down to <75um (95%) efficiently. Favorable choice for large batch analysis of environmental soil testing.

Vibratory Sieve Shaker


Unique 3D motion pattern generate by electromagnetic drive system to distribute samples evenly on the whole sieve.

3D Mixer


Mixing of solid or liquid samples based on Schatz Geometric theory.

Rotary Sample Divider


Automatically divide sample evenly into 6, 8 or 10 small representable portions.

Hammer Mill


Widely used in power plants and sample preparation labs for coal quality analysis. Easy to handle, efficient and accurate, less residual in the milling chamber.